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Trish Bilich
painter -  visual artist

Art . . .  freedom, creativity and courage all splashed together on life's canvas.

Expression, emotion and imagination where the heart, art spirit, body and mediums infuse together creating, depicting reflections of life.”

If I can evoke a feeling or a memory through a painting or a drawing then I have successfully communicated and that is always a heartfelt moment. I believe most artist paint from the heart and from the core of the soul.


My passion for art comes from my childhood, always observing nature, people and the colorful palette of life’s experiences. Along with my love for music, I’m not sure I could paint or create without it, I've always said “If you don't like music you don't like life.” Always striving to learn and explore, I'm grateful for the everyday beauty that surrounds us and privileged to be able to share a journey through a mind’s eye of life. 

My motto


"Art is Life… Live it, Love it, Paint it!"


Nils Palma

Through photography I seek to capture the image that hides within the mundane and ordinary.  My work reflects historical, spiritual, and social themes that inspire and challenge, and yet the messages are subtle.  My goal is for the viewer to walk away from the image with a feeling that something in the photograph has sparked their curiosity.  And, that search for answers becomes the gateway to a new journey.  


Tony Smart
multi-discipline visual artist

       I am a multidiscipline artist with an emphasis on painting and photography, I create realistic and conceptual works that focus on the American construct and how it relates to the African American experience. I view my art as an extension of life, whether realism of impressionism I seek the underlying essence of my subject. I view painting as the foundation of all other artist disciplines and I try with every brush stroke to honor the traditions that have been so craft-fully and carefully laid before me. Whether it be taking pictures, drawing or painting from life or representation I attempt to delve into the inner workings of my subject and make connections on a higher plan.

       I view my art as a creative platform which allowing the world to see into my soul and witness my creative process; I love my dynamic range and how my art connect with the viewer. Connections that I hope lends themself to a broader conversations and understanding of my artistic expression. 


Bob Stevens
glass artist

J Robert Stevens grew up mesmerized by the colors on the walls and floor from the light streaming through church windows. In 1988, he began his studies of stained glass fabrication techniques. He currently works out of his studio in Jonesboro Georgia.


“While I appreciate the craftsmanship found in 800 year old medieval glass and the innovations of Tiffany and LaFarge, I am drawn to the post-WWII work of Gerhard Richter and works by Sylvia Laks and Judson Studios. Even when creating a piece for a traditional setting, I like to give a fresh and impactful turn to the work.”


Juanita Threlkeld
multi-discipline artist

A registered nurse by career, Juanita has been drawing and painting since a very young age. While in college her art professor suggested better to switch majors and become an artist. 20 years later she was on her love. Working in acrylic, all forms of pastel, and COLORED PENCIL, she is privileged to have had instruction from professional artist across the world as well as being self taught. Her work has been featured in gallery exhibitions as well as publications. Attributing her success to two special people in her life, her husband Michael has supported her the entire step of the way. Richard, her youngest son is the reason for restarting the artistic process. She invest time and goes back to the art community by volunteering at local middle and high schools to teach and support the local young talent. Check her work out on Facebook and Instagram.

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